22 nd Spetember, 2013

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All India Meet on Cotton Trade - 2013

Khandesh Gin / Press Owners Association is established in 2002. Since then, the organization has grown to become a potential player in the market and a name to consider with.

Considering current situation, India is the 3rd largest producer of cotton in the world. In India, Maharashtra ranks second largest in India in the production of cotton. Known as ‘The white Gold Zone’ of Maharashtra, Khandesh region’s cotton is famous for its whiteness, bigger cotton gossypium & longer threads. Moreover, cotton yield is also more here. Not only for its yield, but Jalgaon is also known for its Ginning & Pressing Mills. Khandesh is becoming a new face of global marketing of cotton.

This is our immense pleasure to organize a All India Meet on Cotton Trade for all emerging & young ginners so that they could touch the new dawn of Evolution in business & production.

To interchange the ideas that can help to increase cotton yield & motivating young ginners providing them with new technology & concepts.

Finding the solutions of Industrial, Economical & Marketing problems in cotton industry.

Meeting concluded successfully.

Press Support: All India Cotton Meet @ Jalgaon on 23/09/2013
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