22 nd Spetember, 2013

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Objectives of "All India Meet on Cotton Trade - 2013"

Process development in Ginning & Pressing with International Standard.
The main objective of this meet will be the developments in process of Ginning & Pressing with International Standards. The aim of the meet shall be to procure cotton, arrange to process it and to supply unadulterated cotton to consumers at reasonable price.

Interaction with Innovative Ginners & Farmers.
Here, everybody in Cotton Industry will get opportunity to interact with Innovative Ginners & Farmers. This will introduce newcomers to the new technology of this era & will help them involving the Ginning & Pressing Industry.

Collaboration of Buyers, Sellers, Exporters & brokers.
This meet can be a great practice for Cotton Buyers, Sellers, Exporters & brokers. Here, they can collaborate with each other & solve their technical & economical problems here. This conference will provide a stage for newcomers who are willing to enter the profession of Ginning & Pressing.

Knowledge sharing for increasing cotton yield.
Through this meet, we will be promoting our principles & values as a whole. This meet can be a peak for Knowledge sharing for increasing cotton yield. The practice shall also be helpful to guarantee the purity of Cotton. This will also eliminate scope of individual profit and shall maintain the Cooperative Character by following collective principles.

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