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We are delighted to organize "All India Meet on Cotton Trade 2016+", which will act as a Path Finder for all the Young Ginners and therefore lead them towards a Bright Future. Our main objective has always been to help cotton farmers by ensuring them decent profit gained by their produce and thereby protect their interest.

Through this meet, young ginners will be exposed to new concepts & technologies of International Standards. This will help them to propel their prosperous future in ‘white gold’. In this meet, we discuss about a new cotton era and International Standards for developing the process of ginning and pressing. We intend to introduce Khandesh ginning and pressing in the cotton Industry by sharing knowledge and insights of immense value.

  • Vision 2016+

    This year at All India Cotton Conference, we visionize to convert 2016 into 2016 plus. We are here to give, deliver, create and contribute in a larger and better way than ever before.

  • Keynote Speakers

    To present the best speakers who will expose the new and upgraded technologies in cotton industry.

  • New Cotton

    You don't just see new crops in the field but get samples of Bales from the current year 2016.

  • Aim

    To help the younger generation to have an attachement for a better and honest cotton business and to supply unadulterated cotton of international standards to consumers at reasonable rates.

  • Knowledge Hub

    All India Cotton Conference 2016+ is a great place to meet buyers, seller, brokers and exporters. Anyone you need for everyone. We make sure you go back with more than just knowledge.

  • Farmers

    To promote new methods that will increrase per acre yield of cotton and fulfill their dreams.

Helpline :-    Pradeep Jain : 09823046495   |   Anil Somani : 09923794976   |   Jivan Bayas : 09326188853   |   Arvind Jain : 0945092999   |   Allwyn Stewart : 09421747232   |   J.C. Patil : 09421521341   |   Laxman Patil : 09370144044   |   Deepak Poldiya : 09371263335

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